Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment applies keratin protein which is naturally found in your hair to reverse damage and breakage. Keratin treatment is not a relaxer or perm. It creates a barrier from heat, so its a great solution for people who want to control frizz or smooth their natural curls. The process can take 90 minutes or more depending on hair length. Keratin will leave your hair straight, shiny and healthy looking. It works best on thick, curly and unruly hair.

What's involved? We will wash your hair with a special shampoo and lightly dry your hair. The keratin is applied and combed through to assure each strand is covered. Next, we will blow dry your hair-Dominican style and finally seal in the keratin with a flat iron. You should not wash your hair for three to four days after the treatment to give the solution time to work.

After treatment you must wash your hair with sodium sulfate free shampoo. You can expect the treatment to last 10-12 weeks. Please note we only use formaldehyde free keratin treatments.

Dominican Blowout

Dominican blow out is a natural temporary method of straightening your hair. It typically lasts until next wash. The blow out works for all hair textures. It is different from a Keratin treatment in that no chemicals are used, only heat. Keep in mind, the heat can be intense. See gallery for examples.

Botox Treatment

Botox treatment is a deep conditioner that reintroduces vitamins, antioxidants and protein to your hair. It will leave your hair smooth, shiny and frizz free. Botox is suitable for all hair types.

Our Products

All the products we use are the highest quality. Each product is specifcally designed to take care of your hair.


Katty graduated in 2010 from Advance Beauty College in Irving Texas. Her specialties include Hair care and Dominican blow out. If your hair has been mistreated, is dry or breaking, I will nurture it back to health.

Katty graduo en 2010 de Advanced Beauty College en Irving Texas. Mis especialidades son el cuidado del cabello y Dominican blow out.